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M*A*S*H || One Gifset per episode

∟ 3x04 - Iron Guts Kelly

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I live for Benjamin Franklin Pierce’s laugh.

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avengers au where literally everything is the same except hawkeye is replaced with hawkeye pierce with no explanation whatsoever

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This show is my favourite thing,

mental health issues aren’t considered “being chicken” or “life ending”.
(Dr. Freedman is a great psychiatrist!)

Even homosexuality gets slipped in

(there is seriously an episode where they go on a mission to make sure a gay character doesn’t get a dishonourable discharge because- why shouldn’t he be able to fight for his country?)

They frequently tackle racism and challenge the American ideals

There are strong female characters who grow

(from what started as the stereotypical blond patriot who then became a strong, independent woman who is a fantastic fully formed person,
as well as countless other female characters- some nurses, some doctors, some Koreans struggling to survive in their war torn country)

They challenge gender roles

And a guy trying to get out of the army by dressing as a woman, it never works because it doesn’t affect him as a soldier- but a female doctor offers him reassignment surgery when she first meets him.

This show is from the 1970’s.
It’s a 40 year old show.
I love this.

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this was me thank you so much
no problem, i hope i helped!! :)))))
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Anonymous said:

do you have anything that could provide me with subtitles for MASH? ;w; whenever i find subtitles for it they're always too slow. i kind of need them because oftentimes i can't make out what's being said.

you can download subtitles here!!

the ones i’ve linked to you are in english, but i believe that website has other languages too if you need them. let me know if you have a problem and i can try to find another link!!

(also, just a tip, but you may need to change the frame rate for the subtitles so that they aren’t slower or faster than the video. if you’re not sure how to do that, you should be able to find help by googling the problem.)

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If anyone knows where I can download or stream M*A*S*H, that would be awesome

i have a post on this subject here, with torrents and a link for streaming!!